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  • Are the prices VAT inclusive?
    Yes. Prices published on this website include the 12% Value Added Tax in the Philippines.
  • When will I receive my order?
    As our pieces are made-to-order, we will contact you and inform you of the production time upon receiving your order. Availability can be anywhere between 7-60 days, depending on item, volume and current workload in the workshop except for the Ishinomaki Kits (Bird, Koala and the Kōsaku) which are available on hand.
  • How do I care for my new Ishinomaki Laboratory furniture?
    Congratulations on your new purchase! Ishinomaki Laboratory made in the Philippines uses unfinished teak, larch, western red cedar, and tanguile/meranti for its wooden products. Teak, larch, and western red cedar are known for being durable regarding decay resistance making them suitable for ourdoor furniture. Tanguile/meranti, however, is recommended for indoor use only. Like other wood products, ours is also vulnerable to dents and scratches. Because the wood is unfinished, light embellishments can be removed by rubbing over the affected area with fine sandpaper, making sure to move along the grain of the wood. Dents can be raised by applying a few drops of water to the affected area, and then letting the wood dry. While scratches, dents and knots in the wood may be viewed as imperfections, we believe that this is part of the natural wear-and-tear process and that they act as valuable contributions to the character of the wood. Over time, the color and structure of the wood may change and will become more beautiful as aging brings out its natural patina, ensuring that no two pieces of our furniture are totally alike. If you would like to clean your piece, please use a mild detergent and water, gently scrubbing with a damp cloth. Do not use pressure-washing techniques as this can damage the wood surface fibers. Please protect your product from abrasion and stains. If the furniture comes in contact with liquids such as coffee and wine, the pigment may be absorbed and leave a stain that will take more effort to remove.
  • Can I use my Ishinomaki Laboratory furniture outdoors?
    Our products in teak, larch, western red cedar and European white oak are suitable for use outside in a lightly shaded place, however, in its unfinished state, the wood will age over time to an attractive silver-grey patina - a no-maintenance look preferred by many. If left in a damp area over a long period of time it may become discolored. All our products intended for exterior applications will require a regular degree of maintenance to keep their beautiful, natural look. Even if there is no finish applied, outdoor contaminants such as dirt and mildew should be removed as part of routine maintenance.
  • Can I rent your furniture?
    Yes! We offer our beautiful Ishinomaki Laboratory furniture pieces for lease anywhere from just a few hours to a few months. If you are looking for other pieces outside our Ishinomaki Lab line, we may be able to provide them too. Please get in touch with us in the Contact page if you're interested.
  • Do you customise Ishinomaki Laboratory pieces?
    Yes, we customise! Your furniture must be a perfect fit to your space and lifestyle. Ishinomaki Laboratory products may be customised to suit your needs and preference. You may request a different wood type, a finish, or a specific dimension. Customisation fees will apply.
  • Do you make custom pieces outside the Ishinomaki Laboratory line?
    Yes, we do! You may need a bed, a console or a sofa. Or perhaps you already have an original design that you want manufactured. We are happy to work on these types of projects.
  • What should I expect of the wood’s natural behavior and characteristics?
    As our products are made out of wood, a live material that stretches and shrinks, minimal measurement changes may take place occasionally. Crafted entirely by hand, each item we make is unique due to the natural variation of the wood grains, the range of colors the same specie of wood comes in, with each piece aging differently depending on how it is used and on the conditions of its environment - all adding to its charm and character over the years.
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