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Object Of The Week: Carry Stool

"As condo living becomes the norm in urban settings, we look for furniture that can transform and multi-task depending on our needs. The fact that these pieces can double duty is definitely a bonus. They take up less space, but are endowed with function.

The Carry Stool by Ishinomaki Lab is one such hard working object for the home. It can function as a step-up for hard to reach, vertical spaces. It can also function as a tray to keep order in the kitchen. Some have taken these to picnics as seating or to carry drinks and snacks. Some have even used them as a handy little gardening companion. When put together with another carry stool, it forms a hexagonal “hive” that can be used as open storage.

Designed by Japanese architect Tomoko Azumi, the carry stool is available locally at Lamana. You may also opt to make yours at a Lamana workshop."

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