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"Lamana is the exclusive Philippine partner of collaborative brand Ishinomaki Laboratory. The Japan-based company is home to creative, multifunctional and smart designer furniture. During its humble beginning, it started as a workshop for those devastated by a 2011 tsunami. It has since branched out to empowering communities in different countries through the Made in Local initiative. It seeks to help local craftsmen by assisting them in restoring local stores and conducting workshops in Manila.

One of their locally made items is a signature is a tripodal stool that has a slanted front leg which makes it not only eye-catching but very stable as well. The gap in the middle provides cable space for a table lamp or your phone charger should you decide to turn it into a bedside table. No more worrying about smushed cables or needing to stick them to the sides of your tables. Photographed along with it here are the Ishinomaki High Stool and Ishinomaki Bird which you can assemble yourself when you buy a kit. They look so cute together that I can’t help but want the entire set.

You can shop for their products on Lamana’s website."

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