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This functional stool is intended to meld seamlessly with a space, fitting alongside walls or other furniture pieces. It can also function as a side table in an entryway, at one’s bedside, or next to a sofa. The Kobo Side Stool is made out of solid wood legs with a surface of patented ultra-matt finish, heat and liquid-friendly laminate attached to birch plywood. This new material in our product is resistant to abrasion, impact, scratching and have a warm satin texture. The simple form and feel maintains Ishinomaki Laboratory’s essence, yet embodies a new style of proportion and design. The product is available in different wood types and comes in three different colors: Smokey Blue, Pebble, and Charcoal.

Kobo Side Stool

  • Width = 350mm
    Depth = 340mm
    Height = 420mm

    Designed by Keiji Ashizawa

    Made in The Philippines

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