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You would think it would be easy to find a simple storage box like this, but it's not. MAKIBAKO is designed to make storing your things easy and beautifully. The large round hole not only provides an appropriate visual accent, but it also serves other functions such as making the box easier to carry and to using it as a drawer -  all of which we consider to be aspects of MAKIBAKO’s overall versatility. The MAKIBAKO is offered in 3 different types of wood and 2 sizes.


Photos by Yosuke Owashi and Masaki Ogawa


  • Large - 

    Width = 280mm
    Depth = 368mm
    Height = 154mm

    Small - 

    Width = 280mm
    Depth = 368mm
    Height = 104mm

    Designed by Shigeichiro Takeuchi

    Made in The Philippines

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