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Meet the Opus.


Designed by Makerspace Manila, it is an elegant monitor stand, laptop stand, tablet stand, smartphone dock, and desktop organizer in one. It is the perfect tool to organize space-challenged desks, a concern for millions who abruptly find themselves working from home. Its elevation also allows eye-level video calls, now the norm rather than exception in a pandemic year.The Opus features multiple side, front, and top ports for holding pens, pencils, markers, and typical desk implements. A long exhaust port allows a laptop to run cooler. When not in use, a full-sized keyboard and mouse can be tucked neatly underneath. Made out of solid wood, it is sturdy yet lightweight. A clever design created on a beautiful wood specie.


As a special collaboration between Makerspace Manila and Lamana, proceeds of this product is shared with Makerspace towards projects that encourage the youth to use their hands to create and build.


  • Width = 240mm

    Length = 595mm

    Height = 88mm

    Designed by Makerspace Manila

    Made in The Philippines

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